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This weekend we thank the men and women in uniform, past, present, and future.

=#TransformationTuesday= Check out this patient’s incredible results through body contouring! Doesn’t she look...

Getting clearer skin can be just as easy as changing your your diet. Which of these foods will you cut back on?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy the weekend? Share it with us in the comments!

Wishing all of our fans a happy and relaxing weekend.

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#Testimonial: "I encourage anyone out there to make this journey with me and to go and see the wonderful weight...

Even though Mother's Day is over, that doesn't mean your body goals should be put on the back burner until next...

Dr. Passer is prescribing a weekend of relaxation and “me-time.” Especially for all you moms out there. Happy...

P.I.N. your way to beautiful skin! You will notice improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, scars, skin texture, and...

It's almost Mother's Day and time to take care of you! There's no reason to put your health on the back burner,...

The injectable treatment for your double chin problem has arrived in our location. Who’s ready for their treatments?

#FitFriday Tip: Start out your day on a healthy note, so you feel ready to tackle your to-do list!

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#Testimonial: "The friendly, knowledgeable staff provided excellent, on-time service. I received tips and...

Dr. Passer insists that you take some time this weekend to rest and relax!

Let a doctor help you achieve not only your body goals, but your health goals too! We build a customized weight...

Let a doctor help you achieve not only your body goals, but your health goals too! We build a customized weight...

KYBELLA® injection is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that contours AND improves the...

=Did you know?= Your cell phone might be causing your skin to break out.

Welcome to Jeffrey Passer MD

Dr. Passer offers a wide range of services at his Omaha office, from customized medical weight loss and thyroid treatment to hormone replacement therapy. Some of the specific services currently available at Dr. Passer’s office include:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both Men and Women, Thyroid replacement therapy, Anti-aging therapy, Customized Weight Loss, Skin rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Body contouring & Reshaping, Fillers, Botox and more!

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Tina Ridgway, WHNP-BC - Tina has been practicing with Dr. Passer for ten years. She completed her women's health nurse practitioner education at the University of Texas South Western Medical Center in Dallas, in 1993.

Her expertise with women of all ages includes hormone replacement therapy, thyroid diagnosis treatment and routine gynecological exams, Her excellent bedside manner, coupled with her years of knowledge have made her a favorite with patients.

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Dr. Daniel J. Gross- Head of our TRT Clinic. He graduated from UNML. He is completing his fellowship in anti aging medicine and trained to do Kybella, botox and juvederm. The TRT Institute specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men as well as natural thyroid replacement therapy, anti-aging and weight loss.

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