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Bioidentical #hormones for men are not as well known, but they can be equally effective in combating some of the...

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NO MORE PAINFUL WAXING - Schedule your hair removal treatments now: (402) 552-2900

NO MORE PAINFUL WAXING - Schedule your hair removal treatments now: (402) 552-2900

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Welcome toJeffrey Passer MD

Dr. Passer offers a wide range of services at his Omaha office, from customized medical weight loss and thyroid treatment to hormone replacement therapy. Some of the specific services currently available at Dr. Passer’s office include:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both Men and Women, Thyroid replacement therapy, Anti-aging therapy, Customized Weight Loss, Skin rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Body contouring & Reshaping, Fillers, Botox and more!

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4239 Farnam Street | Suite 800, Omaha, NE 68131, P 402-552-2900 F 402-552-2901

4239 Farnam street | suite 800
Omaha, ne 68131

P. 402.552.2900 F. 402.552.2901